Partnership – Gaia GPS

Partnership – Gaia GPS

We are thrilled to announce that every participant on one of our courses will receive a unique code that will give you a 3 MONTH FREE PREMIUM Gaia GPS SUBSCRIPTION.

Strategic partners are important to Overlanding BC and we are excited to announce a new relationship, one with Gaia GPS.

Gaia GPS is the leading map navigation tool available to the public, based on mobile devices, Apple CarPlay and in an online web platform – seamlessly linking your mapping data across platforms via their cloud.

We have used Gaia GPS for many years and it has enabled us to plan, record, map and navigate throughout many of our programs and is used daily.

Visit Gaia GPS

Teaching Operations Have Restarted

Teaching Operations Have Restarted

We would like to inform you that we have restarted our teaching operations and are back in full swing with all of our classes and all of our operations.

Overlanding BC is committed to ensuring the safety of all of our participants in the light of the current COVID19 situation and have implemented safe operational strategies to ensure your safety & well being. These policies have been designed to offer the least impact on the learning experience throughout your course. Luckily for us, almost all of our classes are conducted outside in the field, offering a safer environment in relation to COVID19.

We are monitoring the situation daily and seeking advice and guidance from the relative authorities. For our latest policy please visit our COVID19 information page hereExisting Customers

If you were one of our existing customers who had a course cancelled or postponed due to COVID19, we will be reaching out to you to re-schedule those courses by the end of the week. Please feel to contact us with your requirements beforehand if you wish.

Industrial, Commercial & Recreational Training Courses

For our full list of courses that include industrial, commercial and recreational training, please visit our website at www.overlandtrainingcanada.com/coursesWe look forward to seeing you all soon, best wishes.

Overlanding BC

The Rebelle Rally and Overlanding BC

The Rebelle Rally and Overlanding BC

It is with great excitement and honour that we want to announce the Overlanding BC has become an official recommended partner of the Rebelle Rally. What does that mean? Overlanding BC specializes in off road driver education in many facets be it recreational, commercial and industrial driving, vehicle recovery, trail mechanics, expedition skills, trail guiding, automotive launches, automotive training and events. This broad spectrum of experience has allowed us to have the depth of knowledge and experience to be able to fit in with the vision of the Rebelle Rally and to be able to offer relevant professional training to future, current and past participants of the Rebelle Rally. We are very excited to evolve this relationship and to help many people build upon their current skills, to give them the confidence and experience to go out there and continue their own path of adventure & exploration. What is the Rebelle Rally? “The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States. Blending the love of driving with the ultimate challenge of precise navigation, the Rebelle tests your skills over 8 days of competition. It is not a race for speed, but a unique and demanding event based on the elements of headings, hidden checkpoints, time, and distance using maps, compass, and roadbook.” What are we going to do? Overlanding BC is offering a variety of experiences tailored specifically towards the Rebelle Rally for future, current and past participants. We will be releasing more details of this as they are finalized imminently, but will include onsite participation from Rebelle U and the rally’s founder:
  1. An Introduction to the Rebelle Rally, including meet a current competitor.
  2. Several 2-3 Day Rebelle Rally training events tailored to new and current competitors – will cover many aspects of off road driving.
  3. A “How to Rebelle” classroom session.
How do I find out more? Please visit https://www.rebellerally.com and make sure you sign up for the email list to receive the very latest information, follow them on Instagram @rebellerally. Please contact us for information on our Rebelle Rally events and training sessions.
Whistler Olympic Park Welcomes Adventurous Travellers

Whistler Olympic Park Welcomes Adventurous Travellers

by Emanuel Sequeira

WHISTLER, BC – New friends. New memories.

That’s what the BC Overland Rally (BCOR) at Whistler Olympic Park is about to Christopher Walker, Overlanding BC certified off-road training instructor.

“We go because it’s simply a ton of fun, with people who are like-minded wanting to have a good time,” says Walker. “Learn some cool stuff, meet new cool people.”

The third BCOR, part of the international Overland Rally Series, shifts to Whistler after outgrowing Sasquatch Mountain Resort in Agassiz. The first year attracted 550 people, the second year jumped to 850. Ray Hyland, owner and organizer of the BCOR, is hoping to attract up to 1,200 people.

“Whistler is a destination on its own. We’re very excited about not only the infrastructure of the Olympic Park, but also all the exciting things to do around Whistler for people who are interested in outdoor activities,” says Hyland. “It gives people an opportunity to not just come to the show to learn, but to use that as an excuse to have a mini holiday.”

Industry influencer Sunny Eaton (@Vagabroads) says along with off-roading, overlanding is about traveling and seeing the world, camping and living differently. To live that lifestyle, the BCOR will feature several seminars and classes. Among them are working remotely, vehicle recovery (a popular recovery class include winching, understanding straps and shackles, etc.) vehicle trail repair, how to choose a quality repair kit, and others. There is even an optional morning yoga session to start each day right.

“There is so much variety of training, seminars to discussions, to the really cool talks in the evenings,” says Walker. “Sample a little bit of everything. Get around and talk to the awesome vendors promoting the interesting stuff they have.”

There is also the nightly campfire and prizes. Each evening a free raffle gives away a huge selection of fun prizes around the campfire, everything from winches, driving lights, roof-top tents, luggage, camping gear, recovery kits, and lots of other cool stuff. Overlanding is an inclusive community, including singles, couples and families. Eaton and her wife Karin Balsley are some of the best known. Having traveled from the U.S. to Panama and back, Eaton says they like to participate in the talks and the campfire gatherings.

“The BC Overland Rally is really oriented to that community,” says Eaton, a Tennessee lawyer, who is an unofficial ambassador for the Overland community. “These events are about spreading the message of overlanding, connecting with people who have similar interests, and educating people who wouldn’t think about doing something as nuts as what we did.

“When you are traveling on the road long-term like we did, other overlanders are all you have,” she continued. “That’s your lifeline. They become your friends and your family. One of the benefits of events like these is we get to reconnect with those people.”

As the event grows in population, so do vendor numbers – from 45 last year to 77 this year.

Bryon Dorr, contributing editor at GearJunkie.com, says the curated vendors are the backbone of the overland rallies.

“They supply amazing knowledge for the many classes and seminars, they provide quality gear for sale and for the raffles, and above all they provide amazing people that are deeply passionate about the overland community,” wrote Dorr in an email.

Vendors also provide a wide range of products for everyone. As much as they are there to sell products, they have more time to chat about the gear and be involved with the community than other overland events, Dorr says.

Walker’s biggest tip to enjoy the BCOR is walk around the campsite and talk to people about what they see. “It’s a young industry right now. Overlanding is exploding,” says Walker. “Education will grow and grow as the whole recreation aspect gets bigger. Take advantage of that opportunity of next to nothing cost.”

Quality instructors play a big part in the success of the rally, says Hyland. They are highly trained, and certified via Cities and Guilds of the United Kingdom, which is recognized in 180 countries.

Overland Rallies is also striving to change the perception of women not being independent adventure drivers and explorers. Overland Rallies has several female instructors, some of whom are among the best in the industry. Through a partnership with the Rebelle Rally, the largest female-only off-road navigation race in North America, women now teach many of the classes, and lead the trail rides. This is something Eaton loves.

“He really gives women a voice at these events,” says Eaton.


Please click here for registration for the BC Overland Rally in Whistler June 27-30 2019.

For more information:

Contact Ray Hyland, BC Overland Rally organizer at bcoverlandrally@gmail.com


Established in 2017, the BC Overland Rally in Whistler is the Canadian stop in the Overland Rallies Series, a popular collection of camping festivals where experienced and novice travellers alike gather in a scenic location for three full days of classes, fun, inspiration, seeing new gear and making friends. The other two events are the Northwest Overland Rally in Leavenworth, Wash. and the Rocky Mountain Overland Rally in Gunnison, Colo. The series was launched in 2010.

BC Forest Safety Council – SAFE Certification

BC Forest Safety Council – SAFE Certification

It is great pride that we are pleased to announce that Overlanding BC has exceeded the audit criteria to become BC Forest Safety Council SAFE certified.

What does this mean?

This means that Overlanding BC has been recognized and certified by the BC Forest Safety Council to be a company that operates at a high level of safety in the forest environment and community.

For you

This means that we are a company that is passionate and committed to both worker and client safety. It also means that we operate under a detailed set of health and safety practises to ensure that everyone involved in the operation of Overlanding BC has adequate training, support and guidance in their every day roles at Overlanding BC.

As a client

This means that you are in the very best hands at all times. You can now rest assured that all of our staff are both qualified and equipped with tools to give you the best learning possible in the safest possible ways.

What does it involve?

Becoming SAFE certified requires a several month long audit of the company and all it’s function, focusing particularly on occupational health and safety. All of our procedural paperwork, our safety mechanisms, training and equipment. This audit is conducted yearly and includes areas of improvement through a feedback and further training system in coordination with the BC Forest Safety Council.

More Information

If you have any questions please contact us.