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Forest Safety News – Pre Trip Inspection Of Light Duty Trucks

Vehicle inspections are one of those things we know we should be doing on a regular basis.  However, many of us treat these inspections as optional to be done when we feel inclined?

Forest Safety News – Winter Driving

Winter driving provides many challenges to the driver and other road users. Preparation is important.

Rebelle Rally 2021 Training

Rebelle Rally 2021 training dates and final registration notification.

Off Grid Trailers – Whipsaw 2020

A video story of a four day adventure to the infamous Whipsaw Trail of BC, Canada – towing five industry leading expeditions trailers.

The New Land Rover Defender

The all new iconic Land Rover Defender, a picture story of the first drive opportunity in the world.

Partnership – Gaia GPS

Overlanding BC and Gaia GPS partnership offering a free Gaia GPS subscription to every one of our course participants.

Teaching Operations Have Restarted

COVID 19 – Back to normal teaching operations.

The Rebelle Rally and Overlanding BC

A brand new professional training partnership between two great organizations.

Whistler Olympic Park Welcomes Adventurous Travellers

The rewarding BC Overland Rally, an article written by Emanuel Sequeira.

BC Forest Safety Council – SAFE Certification

It is great pride that we are pleased to announce that Overlanding BC has exceeded the audit criteria to become BC Forest Safety Council SAFE certified.

The Grandest Of Adventures

Aug 16, 2016

Descending the Grand Canyon of the Colorado has been a life long dream ever since I took up kayaking at the young age of eight.

I remember reading magazines, seeing pictures and dreaming of one day descending the mighty Grand Canyon. Eventually after many years of applying for a permit I won one and so the journey was set.

18 days and nights on the river, self supported and with a group of my best friends.

For some reason I decided that wasn’t enough, I needed more of challenge, I needed to build my own wooden boat to take down the river. And so the Betty Jones Dory was born.

Now the journey became more elaborate. Now we had to drive the boat down to the Grand Canyon, so, of course, we set about on an amazing overland journey through some of the USA’s greatest natural wonders. A wedding along the way, spending time with other friends and a faster sprint home. 48 days on the road, and what an adventure.