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Driver training

We provide the very best in all aspects of off road driver training – commercial and recreational.


Operator training

ORV (ATV & UTV), snowmobile & snow-cat operator training.



Become certified in a variety of fields across several different certification platforms.


Program design and integration

Need a custom program for your organisation or group?

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We offer a variety of services over a spectrum of prices, durations and locations. For the latest information and prices, fill in our contact form to receive a price prospectus for either industry and government training or recreational training.


Industry & government training

Recreational training

Our services

What we offer. For further information including pricing please contact us.

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Our services are diverse and broad reaching. Take a look below and then contact us for your specific requirements so that we can create the correct program for you.

Off road / off highway driver training

Understanding your four wheel drive vehicle, how it operates and how to use it safely and effectively is a learnt skill.

  • Let us guide you through the correct process of operating your vehicle safely off road, in any environment.
  • Suitable for all levels of experience be it industry, government or recreational user groups.

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Off road / off highway driver certification
We offer multiple options for off road driver / operator certification, including:

  • City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Off Road Driver
  • BC Forest Safety Council – Resource Road Safety Training (RRST), Resource Road Driver Training (RRDT), Resource Road Driver Instructor Training (RRDIT)

These courses are for individuals, organisations, companies, corporations, law enforcement, government and first responders who need correct and relevant training and certification to satisfy and exceed section 16 of the OSHR (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations).

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Off road / off highway vehicle recovery training

Learn the safe and correct way to recover your off road vehicle or machine.

Overland Training Canada teaches techniques and employs a methodology of off road recovery that ensures safety is the number one factor, closely followed by asset preservation and recovery.

Using techniques that fall under the umbrella of the OSHR (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations) we guide you through the correct and safe recovery process.

Suitable for recreational, industrial and government users.

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Automotive industry programs

Our team is experienced in many aspects of  automotive industry drive programs. We can assist, provide staff or design and implement programs in many areas:

  • Consumer ride and drives.
  • Press drives and events.
  • Automotive testing.
  • Track days.
  • Competitions.
  • Dealer training.

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Professional driving / operator services

Do you need a professional driver for a drive program? Do you need an operator who can safely work in the relevant environment?

Overland Training Canada has the capability of providing drivers & operators who can work safely, using industry standards for you to achieve your access / driving goal.

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Film industry access and support

Do you need to access remote locations that require a higher level of driver and operator skill?

Look no further, our staff have experience in the film industry, in a variety of roles.

We can provide experienced and certified operators to drive or operate your equipment, to assist you gaining access to that location, be it through complex off road terrain, snow and all types of terrain.

Achieve your logistics goals with the best.

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ORV (ATV & UTV), snowmobile and snowcat operator training

Our programs include training in the use of ORV (ATV and UTV), snowmobile and snow cats.

If you need to operate any of these pieces of equipment for industry or the government, then correct and relevant training and certification is required to satisfy and exceed section 16 of the OSHR (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations).

We offer multiple options for off road driver / operator certification, including:

  • Sledsafe Snowmobile Industrial Operators Course
  • BC Forest Safety Council – ORV Safety Training (ORVST), ORV Operator Training (ORVOT), ORV Instructor Training (ORVIT)

We run programs that give you the confidence to take the piece of equipment safely into your work environment.

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Do you need advice on operating or driving off road? We offer consultancy options to assist you with a variety of fields in off road tavel:

  • Expedition planning.
  • Expedition guiding.
  • Company in house training.
  • Equipment or vehicle choice.
  • Program implementation.

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Program design and integration

At Overland Training Canada we have the knowledge, experience team and partners to create any custom program for you.

  • Consumer ride and drive programs.
  • Press events.
  • Expedition. planning and execution.
  • Customized training.
  • Film and photo shoots.
  • Product evaluation.
  • In house training and assessment programs.

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Equipment testing and feedback

Do you have a piece of equipment, a vehicle, a machine that needs real world testing?

Overland Training Canada works with many manufacturers providing effective, recorded feedback on a variety of levels. Our experience in operational locations allows us to gain data that is valuable in the research and development of the equipment, vehicle or machine.

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Examples of our work

Our experience level in the industry is unparalleled. Our work speaks to what we do, who we are, what we offer and what we can do for you.